West End Blues

Sample MP3 files of West End Blues – music by Curtis Bryant, words by Stephen Bluestone
This is a hidden page that contains MP3 files using VST instruments from the Finale® notation score-in-progress by Curtis Bryant entitled “West End Blues.”  The three songs are scored for soprano (represented here by an oboe sound) and piano.  Stephen Bluestone’s three-part poem from THE FLAGRANT DEAD is a tribute to the great jazz musician Louis Armstrong.  You will hear fragments of themes that occur in the original blues song “West End Blues” by King Oliver as recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1928.  This recording has been acclaimed by many as the most perfect recording made in the early jazz era.  Some of the material in Bryant’s song cycle is derived from the solo trumpet fanfare that precedes the “song’s” first stanza (there are actually no lyrics to the original song).  Other motifs from the “verse” can be heard woven into the original material provided by Bryant, which is largely throughcomposed to Bluestone’s words.

This page is for browsing by invitation only, and contains code to prevent crawling by search engine robots.  The works on this page are still in progress and are under shared copyright by Curtis Bryant and Stephen Bluestone.   To play the files click the  to the right of the song title.  Please enjoy.  Thanks for listening.


i.  As I Waited (3:15).
ii. Weeping, I Wait (2:00).
iii. World Beyond Words (2:50).
West End Blues The original 1928 Louis Armstrong recording (from the Smithsonian Jazz website).


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i. As I Waited
ii. Weeping, I Wait
iii. World Beyond Words