Additional Samples

Here are some additional MP3 samples of Curtis Bryant’s work.
This is a hidden page that contains selected samples of movements of my music for listening by invitation. Some of these are from performances, others are studio recorded or entirely electronic. Please enjoy. Thanks for listening.

Could it pass for Russian?

War March, (2:05). Here’s a new idea with a war game theme in mind. You should be able to hear the hard march of Russian troops and goose-stepping Germans followed by a theme evocative of mother Russia.
Theme and Variations, (5:14). This work for string orchestra is published by Neil A Kjos Music Co. and can be purchased from their website. It features an original theme in the minor mode with three variations that exploit polyphony and contrasting rhythms.
Plated March from Dinosaurs: A Primeval Symphony, (2:22). The second movement of Curtis Bryant’s “Dinosaur Symphony” from a live performance by the Macon Symphony Orchestra, directed by Adrian Gnam is a tongue in cheek march depicting a rather cumbersome but well-armored stegosaurus in an encounter with a crafty allosaur. In this scene the armored herbivore prevails.
Nocturne (orchestral fragment) from “A Dark Gift,” a short vampire film by Nicholas Lance. This track is a spinoff of my piano nocturne. Very dark in color.

Below is a sample page from an improvisatory section of “Letters from Jack”


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