Blood Stripe – A Spouse’s Story


Neo-classical metal chamber music for two violins and two cellos composed for a contemporary ballet and documentary depicting the struggles and challenges faced by the families of veterans who suffer from the invisible wounds of war. Curtis Bryant’s choice of composition in neoclassical metal style for the unusual string quartet combo of two violins and two cellos was both a practical decision and an artistic one. The extended range serves to magnify the intensity of Denise Gula-Weller’s bold choreography depicting the struggles of these veteran’s families. The small ensemble also will facilitate future live performances of the ballet. The four dances represent the progression through the stages in the effort to recover and cope with the lifelong effects of TBI and PTSD. They are titled as follows:

1. Estrangement
2. Despair
3. Network
4. Acceptance

Performed by violinist ADELAIDE FEDERICI and cellist JEAN GAY, the music was recorded at 800 East Studio in Atlanta with MARTIN KEARNS, recording engineer.

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