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The Enemy of Reason

From Games That Work, a new espionage adventure game, "The Enemy of Reason" features a scene that challenges the player to identify examples of cognitive bias.  A dancer performs to the song "Jump to the Conclusion," which is playing on a jukebox.  The player must match the false statements by inserting a coin in the correct slot, identifying examples of Confirmation Bias, Fundamental Attribution Error and Bias Blind Spot.  Produced by Dov Jacobson (Big Fun Development), Bryant's original song was given a polished Mancini-style arrangement and performance by Bryan Cumming and David Toledo at Studio 23 in Nashville. 

StreetKix Freestyle Challenge

Hoplite Research, LLCNewly released from Hoplite Research and Ilusis Interactive Graphics, a new game for the Sony PSP entitled "StreetKix Freestyle Challenge" features music by Curtis Bryant and E. M. Watson.  The new freestyle soccer dueling game includes duel and boss music in hip hop, punk & metal, and electric Asian styles.  Bryant and Watson decided to work together as a team on this project, which will require over an hour of original music.  This will be the first of a series of cooperative productions by Bryant and Watson.  Stay tuned.... 
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StreetKix Sampler Click to play the 2-minute sampler of duels and bosses.
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Witchy Riches

World Touch Gaming-"Witchy
                                    Riches"Recently released by World Touch Gaming, a new slot machine game, "Witchy Riches" – featuring music by Curtis Bryant and sound design by Benjie Freund.    World Touch Gaming is a software company that specializes in casino style games and lottery games.

Click image at right to view the game demo.


“A game is like a book with the ever-present possibility of rewriting the outcome  (Curtis Bryant)

“Life is a game, but without the option to reboot.”  (Colman Bryant)

Coming Soon... "Wine Barons™ - Bordeaux Edition"

Curtis Bryant Games - Wine Barons
A new computer game, "Wine Barons - Bordeaux Edition" is currently under development by Curtis Bryant in association with the game design team at Gamesare.  Based upon a board game created by Mr. Bryant, "Wine Barons" uses a "Monopoly" model to simulate the fine wine export and investment market.  The game is an educational tool for those interested in learning the geography and wines of the Bordeaux region while enjoying the pleasures and challenges of computer gaming.  Your mission as a player is to have fun investing in the Bordeaux wine futures market.  But in the process of challenging the elements and the competition for dominance, you might accidentally learn the difference between a Pauillac and a Pomerol.

The "Wine Barons" development team looks forward to featuring the names, labels, and history of a select group of the finest chβteaux of the major wine producing areas of Bordeaux.  Hyperlinks directly to the chβteaux websites will allow the computer gamer to learn even more about many of the world's most distinguished wines.

Bryant's background in fine wines goes back over thirty years.  As with many in the world of art and entertainment, Curtis Bryant the composer led a double life working in the service industries.   As a specialist in fine wines, Bryant worked in the retail and wholesale wine business in New York and later in the restaurant business in Atlanta.  He distinguished himself as a wine steward at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta and the City Grill, earning numerous awards in the Atlanta International Wine Festival, including Silver Medal, Gold Medal and Best of Show in somelier competitions (1984, '85, '91). 

Curtis Bryant has designed a number of other games, mostly in the strategy
and educational category, including "Silk Route," a game of trade and cultural exchange, "The Golden Goose," a game based upon the pursuit of ancient wisdom, and "The Hitchhiking Game," a legacy of his travels abroad in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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