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CURTIS BRYANT - Concert Music Catalog  (Music for solo instruments, chamber ensemble, art song, choral music, orchestral music and opera.  Click the recording  to play an excerpt or the Vew sample page of
                                  score for more information.  Also, please see "credits" for additional performance information.  To order a score or obtain a sample CD, please see contact page.)

Piano Solo
  Sonata (1969) (15:00) Curtis Bryant Music (CBM)
  Rhapsody (1972) (4:00) CBM  
  Arabesque (1972) (2:00) CBM  
  Prelude & Fugue in a Synthetic Mode (1976) (4:00) CBM  
                                from "LittleSuite" by Curtis
Little Suite for Harpsichord (1982) (8:00) CBM  
  A Sense of Place (1999) (3:00) CBM  
  Nocturne in C-Minor (2001) (3:00) CBM  
 Excerpt, Bryant Sonatina, 2nd
                                  movement Sonatina (2004) (6:00) CBM  Bryant Sonatina, 2nd mvt.
Organ Solo

Prelude and Postlude (from Vespers) (2009)
(8:00) CBM

Guitar Solo
  The Brumby Variations (1987) (7:00) CBM  
Chamber Music
Excerpt from Bryant Quintet
Quintet for Woodwinds & Piano (1974) (12:00) Lux Nova Luxnova website
  March for Ceremonious Affairs (1977) (4:00) CBM 2Hr/2Tp/Tbn/Tba/Perc
  Sonata for Violin and Piano (1982) (15:00) CBM Vl/Pno
Performance by
                                Michael Brown & John Coble
Introit & Recessional (1982)
(4:30) CBM Trumpet/Organ
Excerpt from Bryant Trio, mvt. II
Trio for Flute, Marimba & Cello (1983) (10:00) CBM Fl/Mb/Vc
  Sextet for Piano, Winds & Strings (1983) (16:00) CBM Fl/Cl/Vl/Vla/Vc/Pno
  Sonata for Cello and Piano (1987) (14:00) CBM Recording Available
  Quartet for Strings: Genesis (1987) (22:00) CBM 2Vl/Vla/Vc
  Sextet for Piano & Woodwinds (1988) (12:00) Lux Nova Fl/Ob/Cl/Bn/Hr/Pno
  The Wine Lover’s Guide to the Cello (1991) (12:00) CBM Vc/Pno
Performed by Cary Lewis, Dorothy
                                Lewis, Beth Newdome Piano Trio “The Tomahawk” (1991) (12:00) CBM Vl/Vc/Pno
Excerpt, Bryant
Quintessence for Winds (1993) (12:00) CBM Fl/Ob/Cl/Bn/Hr
"Who is Jack" - Thamyris,
                                with Cheryl Boyd Waddell
Letters from Jack (1994) (text by C. Bryant) (12:00) CBM Fl/Cl/Perc/Vc/Pno/Sopr

Piano Quartet (2010)
(14:00) CBM Vl/Va/Vc/Pno

It Don't Stop at Chattanooga (2012)
(4:30) CBM Ob/Vl/Vc/Pno
Curtis Bryant "Rose of
                                Sharon" Arietha Lockhart, soprano Song of Songs (3 Biblical Songs) (1984) (7:00) CBM High Sopr/Pno/Fl (Vln)
Song of
                                  America link The Marriage of Heaven & Hell (1983) (10:00) CBM Bass Baritone/Pno
Curtis Bryant "The
                                Settlement" Arietha Lockhart,
                                soprano The Laughing Monkeys of Gravity (2003)
     (poetry by Stephen Bluestone)
(14:00) CBM Go to
                                    LMOG page High S/Pno (Chmbr. Ens)
   West End Blues (2010) (Stephen Bluestone)
 CBM West End Blues  High Soprano/Pno

Choral Music
  Alleluia (1974) (5:00) CBM SAB
Performance by Choral Guild of
                                Atlanta Agnus Dei (1982) (4:00) Lux Nova View score at Lux Nova
                                "Magnificat" - Gloria Magnificat (1986) (20:00) CBM SATB/Org/Orch
  Easter Anthem “Christ Our Passover” (1988) (5:00) CBM SATB/Org/Brass/Perc
  The Builders – A Festive Cantata (1989) (8:00) CBM SATB/Concert Band

Alma Mater - Ga. Baptist College of Nursing,
     Mercer Univ. (1993) (words by Martha Fowler)
(2:00) Mercer Univ. p. 114, student handbook
SATB/Org (Brass Quintet)
  Cantata for One Earth (1995) (Daniel Martin) (12:00) CBM SATB/Orch
 View details, play samples Holiness Everywhere (text by S. Bluestone) (4:00) Transcontinental View publisher
  Requiem for September Eleven (C. Bryant) (9:00) CBM SSA(TB)/Band/Orch
 O City! performed by the Gregg
                                  Smith Singers O City! (2002) (text by Stephen Bluestone) (7:00) CBM SATB/Pno
 Curtis Bryant - "The
                                  Lamb" The Lamb (2002) (3:30) Lux Nova View
                                    score at Lux Nova Webstore
  Jubilate Deo (2004) (3:00) CBM SSA/Band/Orch
  In a Dream (2006) (text by C. Bryant)
(5:00) CBM SSA/Band/Orch

Redeemer Evening Prayer (Vespers Service) (25:00) CBM SATB/Org/Fl

Hymn of Light (2009) (text by Marcia King)
(2:00) CBM SATB/Org/Fl

Psalm 121 (2009) (text by Doug Cumming)
(5:00) CBM SATB/Org

Canticle of Mary (2009) (text by Marcia King)
(3:00) CBM SATB/Org

Canticle of Simeon (2009) (text by Wm. Allen)
(2:00) CBM SATB/Org

Glory & Amen (2009) (text by Marcia King)
(2:00) CBM SATB/Org/Fl

Hymn of Wisdom (2009) (Bryant/Cumming)
(6:00) CBM SATB/Brass/Perc/Org

How Long, O God (2009) (text by Marcia King) (4:00) CBM SATB/Org
Listen to "I Sing of
                                Light" on SoundCloud
I Sing of Light (Psalm 104) (Stephen Bluestone)
(4:00) CBM SA/Org or Piano

A Psalm to David, to David a Psalm
     (2013 GMTA Commission) (S. Bluestone)
(6:00) CBM SATB

Concert Band
  Constellations (2001) (8:00) CBM  
String Orchestra
  Theme and Variations (1993) (5:00) Neil A. Kjos Visit publisher
  Ragtime (1995) (3:00) Neil A. Kjos Visit publisher
                                "Fantasy on American Themes" Fantasy on American Themes (1997) (4:30) Neil A. Kjos Visit publisher
  Toccata Allegro (1999) (4:00) CBM  
  Island Fantasy (1999) (5:00) CBM  
  Divertimento for Strings (2004) (17:00) CBM  
Full Orchestra
  Dom Pedro – A Fantasy Overture (1986) (8:00) CBM 3333/4331/3Perc/Str
                                Fugue excerpt- The Macon Symphony
                                Orchestra Prelude & Fugue for Orchestra (1986) (10:00) CBM 3332/AS/4331/3P/Hp/Str
                                "Dinosaurs," mvt. 3
                                "Pterrible Flight" Dinosaurs: A Primeval Symphony (1991) (17:00) CBM 2222/2211/3Perc/Hp/Str
  FunFare (1993) (0:45) CBM Brass 4/3/3/1/3Perc

Fantasy on Divinum Mysterium (2009)
(5:00) CBM 221/222/Timp/Strings
Opera and Music Drama
Performed by Laura English Robinson
                                & Dennis Jesse Zabette (1999) (Libretto by M. R. Bullard) (2.2 hrs) CBM Synopsis and information
                                  aria "Stevie, My Darling" The Secret Agent (Libretto by Allen Reichman) (2.0 hrs) CBM Synopsis and information

Politics-Religion ("Rainbow in a Lemon Fizz Tin")
     (political satire by Charles Olof Johnson)
(8:00) CBM SATB/Pno
(Note that listings marked with an asterisk * denote works-in-progress.)

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