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                            "The Role"Atlanta composer, Curtis Bryant, has composed music in virtually all media from chamber music to choral, orchestral and operatic.  His work for television has led him to explore popular music as well, ranging in style from jazz to gospel and rock, as well as many folk and ethnic styles.  But, if diversity has been a necessity at times, it has not prevented Bryant from developing his own distinctive voice as a composer of serious concert music.  Bryant’s music is solidly tonal in style, often employing modal harmonies which display influences from blues and jazz. His use of form is strongly founded in Classical tradition, which brings about a synthesis of European structures with uniquely American colors.  Bryant has a particularly strong sense of melody, which is at the heart of all his music.  His sense of melodic line has made his music especially well suited to the voice, but he is equally at home with instrumental music. 

Critical Acclaim...

Since 1983 Bryant’s music has received wide critical acclaim.  His work has been praised for being:
“...immediately attractive and accessible, with an emphasis on beauty of sound, simplicity of means, and expression of feeling.” (Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 1985)

“...beautifully handled [gospel arrangements for Turner Broadcasting’s Trumpet of Conscience].”  (St. Petersburg Evening Independent, 1985)

“ of the loveliest [violin] sonatas I’ve heard since Bartók’s.”  (Southline, 1985)

“...skillfully written for the resources at hand, atmospheric and true to the...text, wide ranging in mood and style, cumulative in impact.” (Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 1986)

“Rather than try to invent a new language, Mr. Bryant has concentrated on really saying something in a familiar idiom.  His considerable success can be measured by the tension, release, surprise, affirmation and other refined feelings he is able to convey.”  (Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 1988)

“His highly melodic [cello] sonata is a shimmering, three-movement work displaying a pleasant American impressionism, evocative of what we think of as Indian melodies.”  (Fanfare, 1990)

“It is colorful, accessible, well-crafted music that regales the ear with luscious melodic lines.”  (Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 1991)

“The strength of [his] work its sensuous lyricism.”  (Focus, 1992)

“Nationally recognized composer Curtis Bryant has succeeded in doing something that many composers have attempted with minimal success: he has created a fresh, exciting and vibrant work using folk tunes....Bryant’s ability to score effectively for this ensemble creates a depth of sound that is impressive to both the musicians and audience members.”  (Band and Orchestra Product News, 2000)

Bryant's poignant 'portrait aria' from his opera Zabette and his three biblical songs aim at recapturing some of the melodious tonality 'contemporary' classical music of the twentieth century rebelled against.  (Words UnLtd., 2003)

Who is Curtis Bryant?  
Caricature of Curtis Bryant by PatrickWelcome to the website home of Curtis Bryant, composer of classical music and seven- time Emmy-nominated composer of music for film and television.  It's amazing how many of us Curtis Bryants there are out here, though.  If you are searching for Curtis Bryant the competitive bodybuilder, Curtis Bryant the cello maker, Curtis Bryant the Jesuit priest and psychological counselor, Curtis Bryant the defensive tackle, Curtis Bryant the insurance agent and former president of the Georgia Grand Jurors Association, or Curtis Bryant the barber and Mississippi civil rights activist, then please continue your search.  If, on the other hand you are looking for a composer to commission original music for your performing ensemble or to score your new film or video game, then you have come to the right place.  This Curtis Bryant is also a teacher of computer applications and choral arranging at Georgia State University School of Music, as well as an award-winning sommelier (Atlanta International Wine Festival 1985) and amateur game designer.  Please have a look around my website, play some streaming audio or video, and contact me if you are interested in ordering any scores or have any other questions.  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy clicking....

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